The Most Easiest thing in the Universe


The Most Easiest thing in the Universe is to Know God. God Is Neutral, the Center, beginning, Source & the Substance of everything. It’s easier to know, look or reach God than becoming a Pious/Righteous person and changing your habits which developed through the conditioning of half of your life. People think that to know or befriend God we have to purify ourselves through the very hard struggles of many many years, we have to follow religion & rules and become a specific type of righteous & Pious Person. That’s not true. Wave does not need to do many years of practice to know the Ocean. Wave is Ocean. To reach God you do not need to do or go anywhere because God is already here & now. To realize God you just need to know What is God? And when you will know that then you will see God Instantly Because “What is, is God”.