Shamanic Breathing (Infinite Bliss & Closeness of God) – Day 05 – | By Muhammad Jawad in Urdu/Hindi


This is the 4th video from my series of Shamanic Breathing videos In which I will share my spiritual growth, spiritual experiences, progress & results of Shamanic Breathing which I will practice on a daily basis. Day 05 – 20/01/2021 – 30 mins – Morning – Done – Very Good Experience It was really deep & profound, full of infinite bliss. I was void. It was so profound that it made me cry. I felt the closeness of God. I was talking to him. Objects in my visual field were in motion. Breath is optional. I can not die. We are afraid to kill our ego due to our own fears, desires & attachments. To know & learn about Shamanic Breathing in detail please watch the following Leo Gura’s video: Background Audio for Shamanic Breathing Practice: