Death is the Seed of New Life


Death is the source of Life & Life is the Source of Death. There is no life without death and there is no death without life. When we die and get buried underground, that death becomes the source or gives birth to New Life for Insects, animals, bacterias, fungus etc.

Death gives birth to life and life gives birth to death. It’s a loop. Likewise once there was Life (a glowing star) and then a time came when it’s gone explode through a Big Bang and billions of Rocky pieces gone spread in the infinite empty space.

All of those rocks went dead because they got separated from Life. Among them, there was a dead broken piece which we call Planet Earth. Now it was dead because it separated from Life (a glowing star).

Call it a Deadbody and in that dead body a lot of insects start to get born and those insects are all the living beings of this planet including us (Humans). We are the insects of a dead body (Planet Earth). Our life is the result of the death of planet earth and our death will give birth to new beings. It’s an Infinite Cycle.